makin’ banana granola (not pancakes)


{photo via: minimalist baker}

It’s been a rainy week here in Sydney…boo! The one thing I love doing on rainy, cold days is to stay in and try baking something new. My mom makes this amazing banana granola that she shared to me from Minimalist Baker, one of my favorite food recipe blogs! Her Banana Bread Granola will make your kitchen smell amazing, and it’s so easy to make! There are only a few ingredients needed, and you probably already have them stocked in your kitchen so it saves a trip (out in the rain, in my case) to the store. I added almonds and used coconut palm sugar instead of raw sugar. I also was generous with measuring the wet ingredients to make sure every bit of granola got banana syrup! 

I already had a bowl with my favorite coconut yogurt and Orchard St. green meadows juice this morning. The only downside is that the remainder of the batch will be taunting me from the kitchen all day while I stay in : ) 

The one thing missing on this rainy day is my baby Tucker. He’s the best snuggle bug! I’d do anything to have him in Australia with me : ( 




rainy days

South Florida summers mean beautiful, sunny mornings for the early birds followed by dark rolling clouds by noon. The clear blue skies are engulfed by the rumbling thunder and lighting in just moments. I personally love this weather–it makes me wake up early and enjoy the day, then feel at ease snuggling up in the afternoon.

What better than to snuggle up with this cutie too?

IMG_0135I recently sent his paw print to this etsy shop called Cherished Sentiments, where she had it made onto a gold-fill pendant. Joanne was extremely nice and the item was shipped within a week. I love my new addition to my necklace collection, and now have Tucker’s paw print close to my heart : )