Eat Your Greens


We all know that leafy greens are a very important aspect to our diet. I love big salads for lunch-especially the Kale Salad at Origin. Sometimes I have to try to make my own and it’s just not the same-I’m not a chef when it comes to salads! That’s why I love making green smoothies some mornings for breakfast. It’s very easy to blend some kale and/or spinach into your favorite smoothie mixture and hide the taste. Green smoothies don’t look very appetizing, especially when they mix with blueberries, but I promise they taste great! Here is one of my favorite morning go-to recipes:

Green Smoothie:

Two handfuls of spinach or baby kale

1 frozen banana

1 cup of frozen peaches (you can use mango or pineapple-or mix them all!)

1-2 cups of almond milk or coconut water (depending on desired consistency)

1 tablespoon of flaxseeds, chia seeds, coconut oil and/or maca powder 

Optional: almond buter, raw honey, agave, or pitted dates for sweetness 

Blend the ingredients until smooth. I also like to sprinkle some goji berries on top. If this is too filling, you can seal any extra in a mason jar and snack that day. Enjoy!