You Call Me a Homebody, I Wonder Why…


It took me all the way until going to college to realize how truly blessed I am to live in sunny South Florida. Growing up, instead of “snow days”, we had “hurricane days” and our weekends consisted of lounging at the beach or laying a towel out in the backyard to do homework. 

Once I got to Dallas, reality set in. There are seasons? Those really exist? Luckily, the seasons in Dallas aren’t nearly as grueling as the cold, brutal winters in the Northeast. However, the cold icy snow was enough for me to book weekend trips home many times during my freshman year…

I’m writing this post because I want to express my gratitude to my family for picking such a wonderful place to live. Although I wanted to be home most of the time during my freshman year, I have changed that thought into always knowing that I have a beautiful home-base that is always going to be there. This coming Fall, I will be studying abroad in Australia, and it will be so great knowing that home is never leaving and that this is the time to venture out and explore new places. Luckily there will be a beach there, so being homesick will not be from beach-deprivation! (Just my amazing home, parents, sister, doggies, and dad’s amazing cooking, and my infamous “manny”)

Last week, I shared my happy place with you. This week, I share with you my home-base, the source of my happy place. I can’t wait to be home for Spring Break to spend time with my family, close friends, and this guy! 


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