I can’t believe it’s already the end of 2014–okay, how many people have said that? Anyways, I’ll be spending the holiday sick in bed with the flu…but that gave me some time to think of some new years resolutions!

After spending most of my year across the world, I’ve come to terms with so many of my previous beliefs and resolutions. Mostly, you get the classic: workout more, eat clean, think positive, yadda yadda. How many people really stick to that? Let me rephrase that: How many people stick with that for more than the first week?

This year, I’ve decided to practice some new resolutions–some that are the opposite of mine last year!

1. exercise when there is time

Last year, my resolution was to make time for working out. It became a line on the checklist, something that I didn’t put too much thought into. I believe that exercise should be enjoyed, and should be something to clear the mind and body from stress–not something to stress about. So this year, I’m going to work out when there’s that window of time that I need to step away from any chaos, and I hope to transition my mindset of exercise as a reward rather than work for a reward.

2. leave the country at least once

It’s so easy to settle back into routine at home. When I was abroad, I told myself not to do that and to keep traveling while I can. I can slowly see my mindset changing back to my comfort zone. I love being home, with my family and friends, but I want to take the opportunity to travel for at least a month this year.

3. meditate

morning or night. pick one. no more excuses!

4. put my phone away

no more phone at the table, at home or out at restaurants. I’m at dinner to enjoy the company of the person(s) sitting with me, not the person on the other end of the iPhone.

5. trust my gut

I think this one is the most important. and yes, pretty generic I know. I’ve noticed that whenever I’m trying to make a decision–big or small–I ask at least five people what I should do. I seek the validation from people who will agree with me, and may get one or two people who will disagree. I’m all for asking for advice, but this year I’m going to work on going with my gut, because it’s usually right. Even then, no matter what decision I make, I believe that it will have been meant to happen and will work its way out somehow.

Happy New Year Everyone!  xx