Wherever I go, I must find a yoga studio to practice. Yoga has been a part of my life for about 10 years now. It is my escape from reality, bringing clarity to any situation. My favorite Dallas studio is Gaia Flow Yoga in Uptown. The studio offers power vinyasa, my favorite, but they also have slower, restorative and meditative practices. I prefer more fast-paced, challenging classes, making their “Ocean” and “Mountain” practice my go-to. 

As I continue my health and wellness journey, my newest goal is to slow down and give some new styles a try. So this week, I will be taking on my personal yoga challenge at Gaia Flow by trying every style practice that they have to offer. I believe that this challenge is a great way for me to slow down, try new things, and continue to have an open mind. Life is a journey for everyone, and challenging the mind, body, and soul is a great way to learn who you want to be! 

For more information on the class descriptions, visit Gaia Flow! And if you are ever in need of a yogi buddy, I’m your girl!