Happy Easter everyone! I’m enjoying being home with my family and best friend Clara. The weather finally cleared up in Florida and we are enjoying a beautiful, cool, sunny day at the beach! We’re having my grandmother, aunt and uncle, and cousins over for an early Easter dinner and I’ll be making this vegan zucchini gratin from Minimalist Baker (don’t tell Gran it’s not real cheese!). 

Even though it’s a quick weekend, I’m so happy to be with my family and friends at home. Not to mention, I’ll be home for summer in less than 3 weeks!! 

Wishing you all have a wonderful Easter with your family! : ) 



Happy Monday! Here is a little of my inspiration for the summer. I recently purchased metallic temporary tattoos (my mom was extremely concerned when she saw a purchase containing the word ‘tattoo’). These jewelry-inspired tattoos are a fun accessory for the summer. I’m also loving these Show Me Your MuMu bracelets. I love following their Instagram posts for fashion inspiration as well! 

I hope you are all starting off your week on a positive note! When the day begins to drag on, try thinking about what inspires you–or even look into booking a quick weekend beach getaway! 



  1. Happily Grey is a fashion blog that features her casual, trendy style. She started her blog over a year ago as a hobby, and it is now a top blog, with her fashion posts repinned on Pinterest and all over Instagram. Every outfit she posts is in my online shopping cart almost instantly!
  2. Tuula Vintage is by Jessica Stein, an Australian traveler and fashion blogger. Not only are her fashion posts super cute, her Instagram account is full of amazing looking food that she documents on her worldwide journey. Since she is from Australia, I am learning about a lot of places in the area that I want to visit!
  3. Barefoot Blonde is by Amber Clark. She has long, beautiful blonde hair that I envy. She posts beauty and hair tutorials and also fashion posts. As you can see, she is currently pregnant-I can only wish that I will look that flawless when I’m carrying my child someday!
  4. Last but not least, Ellelush! My sister, Lauren Doan, started her blog over a year ago and I have been following her every step of the way. She was living in California, and her posts kept me updated on her life there while we were apart. She is so creative and inspired me to start focusing on my own blog. Hopefully someday I will make this blog into a website!


Back to reality! I had a much needed, relaxing spring break last week! I thought I’d share my beach-bag essentials for those of you who have not started break, or could use a weekend escape!

Calypso is my go-to clothing and accessory essential. Growing up in South Florida, throwing on a cover-up over a bikini is the next step after a cup of coffee-I forgot how laidback vacation life is! I am loving my new Triangl bikini, made with neoprene (wetsuit material) which holds everything together, thank goodness! The Jack Rogers are from Gilt, giving a bohemian twist to the preppy-classic sandal.

A beach vacation just wouldn’t be complete without Maui Babe and a Nicholas Sparks novel! This one made me bawl my eyes out, but it is a great read for all of those hopeless romantics out there!

 As for now, I’m back in my routine…I’ll be dreaming of my happy place and hoping my tan doesn’t fade too quickly!

Reality Check


Wherever I go, I must find a yoga studio to practice. Yoga has been a part of my life for about 10 years now. It is my escape from reality, bringing clarity to any situation. My favorite Dallas studio is Gaia Flow Yoga in Uptown. The studio offers power vinyasa, my favorite, but they also have slower, restorative and meditative practices. I prefer more fast-paced, challenging classes, making their “Ocean” and “Mountain” practice my go-to. 

As I continue my health and wellness journey, my newest goal is to slow down and give some new styles a try. So this week, I will be taking on my personal yoga challenge at Gaia Flow by trying every style practice that they have to offer. I believe that this challenge is a great way for me to slow down, try new things, and continue to have an open mind. Life is a journey for everyone, and challenging the mind, body, and soul is a great way to learn who you want to be! 

For more information on the class descriptions, visit Gaia Flow! And if you are ever in need of a yogi buddy, I’m your girl!