1. Happily Grey is a fashion blog that features her casual, trendy style. She started her blog over a year ago as a hobby, and it is now a top blog, with her fashion posts repinned on Pinterest and all over Instagram. Every outfit she posts is in my online shopping cart almost instantly!
  2. Tuula Vintage is by Jessica Stein, an Australian traveler and fashion blogger. Not only are her fashion posts super cute, her Instagram account is full of amazing looking food that she documents on her worldwide journey. Since she is from Australia, I am learning about a lot of places in the area that I want to visit!
  3. Barefoot Blonde is by Amber Clark. She has long, beautiful blonde hair that I envy. She posts beauty and hair tutorials and also fashion posts. As you can see, she is currently pregnant-I can only wish that I will look that flawless when I’m carrying my child someday!
  4. Last but not least, Ellelush! My sister, Lauren Doan, started her blog over a year ago and I have been following her every step of the way. She was living in California, and her posts kept me updated on her life there while we were apart. She is so creative and inspired me to start focusing on my own blog. Hopefully someday I will make this blog into a website!