I know, how cliche of me to title this post as ‘wanderlust’ but it could not be more accurate. 

I have this desire to explore the unknown–to be immersed in a totally new place with no plan, nowhere to be.  When I traveled to Sedona this past summer for yoga teacher training, I felt this sense of freedom being on my own.  Before the training program, I spent the afternoon in the town of Sedona, wandering aimlessly and learning new things on the go.  And as for the teacher training, that was a whole new experience itself, something that changed me forever. (more details later!)

Ever since then, I have found a desire to continue this path.  What better feeling then to be somewhere totally new, with no plan, and to simply explore?  I am so excited to go to Australia in a few months to continue my journey.  For over four months, I can start out a stranger and soon become a settler–who knows, I may never come back! 

As for now, I am enjoying every second of being in Southern California with my mom and sister.  I can’t wait to show you all the places we’ve explored!  I have a new appreciation for this place, I can really see myself living here in the near future. 

This desire to explore new places is shared among many, and feared by some as well.  I believe that getting out of the box is the most important way of figuring out yourself and what you want from life.