beach hair



Summer is coming around the corner (okay, maybe I’m just telling myself that). However, being from Florida means that our seasons consist of summer and spring, which means we wear bright, happy colors and dress casual pretty much everyday.

I have naturally straight hair, which many argue is great, but I have longed for messy, beach waves. After going through multiple salt sprays, curling irons, and even not washing my hair after swimming in the ocean, I finally found the secret! These goody spin pins are my new hair staple (pretty much my only hair staple actually). In addition to having a sleek, clean ballet bun hairstyle, the pins hold in place overnight and create the perfect beach waves.

I recommend making two small buns (yes, the Miley bun) and sleeping on them overnight. Take your damp hair and spin the piece away from your face, then wrap into a bun and insert the pins. They don’t poke you in the face and hold in place all night. The next morning, your hair may look a bit poufy at first, but it relaxes soon and can be held with a little light hairspray. Voila! You now have the perfect beach waves!